Land for sale

  1. Rimpa - 1/8acre of prime land touching Magadi road,with house structure constructed. Area well developed.
    Price KES 12 million o.n.o NEW
  2. Ongata Rongai - 1/8 Acre prime land 500 meter of Magadi Road. The area around is developed with Water & Electricity available.
    Price KES 7 million o.n.o NEW
  3. Kiserian / Isinya road - Dawamu Academy - 5 acres of prime land on tarmac good for sub- division or development of an institution, water and power available. Price kshs.4.5 million per acre. NEW
  4. Rimpa - PRIME 1/8 acre of prime land touching Magadi road, with house structure constructed. Area well developed.  Price KES 12 million o.n.o NEW
  5. Ongata Rongai - PRIME 1/8 Acre prime land 500 meter off Magadi Road. The area around is developed with Water & Electricity available. Price KES 7.2million o.n.o NEW
  6. Kiserian, Pipeline Road- 5 Acres of prime land near Airstrip good for sub-division into plots, 200 meters from tarmac Soil texture -  murrum Price kshs. 4 million per acre *NEW
  7. Ongata Rongai, Laiser hill 1/4 acre plot with clean title at Kimani road, 2.5 km from tarmac Price: Kshs. 4 million *NEW
  8. 1/4 Acre commercial plot good for development of flats / apartments - Opposite Nafrom Supermarket, 200 meters from magadi road- Freehold Title deed Asking price Kshs.18 million
  9. Laiser Hill - 5 Acres of prime land good for gated estate development /sub-division into plots /development of an institution- 2 km from magadi road - Area fully developed- Price Kshs. 22 million per acre
  10. Laiser hill - 1/4 acre commercial plot touching Magadi road- good for a shopping complex / development of a petrol station-  freehold title deed available- Price Kshs.37 million
  11. Ongata Rongai  township- 1/8 acre commercial plot on Magadi Road- Clean letter of Allotment by Kajiado County government available- good for a shopping Complex- Price Kshs. 22 million

  12. Rangau Twala1/8 Acres plot good for residential development- water and electricity available- Price Kshs. 850000/=

  13. 20 acres of arable land between Mutanga And Kasraba- good for farming- Price kshs.300.000/= per acre Call: 0722 825904
  14. 1/4 Acre plot at Gategi, touching the road with all amenities accessible at KES 4 Million call 0725714324.

  15. 1 Acre plot at Gategi, touching the road with all amenities accessible at KES 15 Million call 0725714324.

  16. Rangau - Olsirikon, 1/8 acre plot, 3km from Tuala Price Kshs 750,000

  17. Rangau - Olsirikon,  1/4Acre plot, 3km from Tuala, good fro residence Price Kshs 1.5Million

  18. Rangau - Olsirikon, 12 acre piece of land, 3km from Tuala, good for sub-division or green house farming Price Kshs 4Million per acre.

  19. Kiserian - Olusurutia, 1/8acre plot km from tarmac, good for residential house Price Kshs 2.2Million
  20. Pipeline Road - Kipeto, 100Acres of land, good for subdivision, 13km from tarmac Price Kshs 850,000 per acre
  21. Pipeline road - Oloirien, 1/2Acre piece of land, 2km from tarmac next to Oloirein secondary Pipeline road - Oloirien
  22. 100Acrs of land, good for farming/sub-division, water and electricity available Price kshs 2.2Million per acre
  23. Karen - Catholic University, 5Acres of Prime Land, 1km from Langata rd Good for hostels/office block Price Kshs 47 Million per Acre.
  24. Olkalau, Nyandarua - 2 Acres 7kms from nyahururu main road and 500 mts from an access road at KES 600, 000 per acre.
  25. Pipeline Rd Birika – Oloirien 6 Acres piece of land, 2km from tarmac, Near Oloirien Secondary School, good for Sub-division or green house farming. Price: KES 22,000,000 per acre
  26. Namanga Rd – Isinya 20 Acres of commercial land next to the tarmac good for commercial center or institution  Price: KES 7,500,000 per acre
  27. Namanga rd – Isinya 4 Acres of prime land, good for shopping complex, next to the tarmac Price: KES 7,500,000 per acre
  28. Rimpa near Police Station 1/4Acre plot, good for residence, 600meters from tarmac Price: KES 3,500,000
  29. Rangau – Olisirikon 1/8Acre plot, 3km from Tuala Price: KES 750,000
  30. Olsirikon – rangau 1/4Acre plot from Tuala, good for residence Price: KES 1,500,000
  31. Olsirikon – Rangau 12 Acres piece of land 3km from Tuala, good for sub-division or green house farming Price: KES 4,000,000 per acre
  32. Isinya  - Namanga rd 5 Acres of prime land with chain-link fence opposite Umma University fence, 1km from tarmac Price: KES 2,700,000 per acre
  33. Pipeline Road – Birika 24 x 1/8Acre plots 1km from Birika town ship. Area fully developed Price: KES 550,000
  34. Pipeline Road – Farmers restaurant 7 Acres of land 4km from tarmac with all physical facilities available, good for
  35. sub-division or green house farming Price: KES 1,500,000 P.A
  36. Pipeline Road – Ezeleti 50Acres of land good for horticultural farming or sub-division, 1km from tarmac Price: KES 2,200,000  per acre
  37. Pipeline Road – Oloirien 1 Acre piece of land 7km from tarmac Price: KES 1,000,000
  38. Pipeline Road – Oloirien 1/2 Acre plot 2km from tarmac good for residence or sub-division Price: KES 1,100,000
  39. Ongata Rongai – Gataka Road ¼ Acre commercial plot @KES 12,000,000 O.N.O
  40. Olekasasi - 2 Acres plot near Nazareen University @ KES 20,000,000 per acre
  41. Olekasasi – ¼ Acre Commercial Plot @KES 6,000,000
  42. Rimpa – 1/8 Acre Plot Touching tarmac @KES 2,500,000
  43. Oloirien/Pipeline Road -  3/8 Acre Plot @ KES 700,000/=
  44. Pipeline – Farmers 2 ½ Acres piece of land 400Meters off tarmac @KES 3,500,000 per acre
  45. Birika – Near Air Strip 15Acres @KES 1,500,000 per acre O.N.O
  46. Ongata Rongai – Royal Academy 1/8 Acre Plot @KES 3,700,000
  47. Maasai Lodge – 2nd Row, 1/8 Acre Plot Commercial @KES 8,000,000 O.N.O
  48. Olsirikon – 1/8Acre Plot near Kindienye’s @KES 550, 000/-
  49. Ongata Rongai – Ole Motondo, ¼ Acre Commercial Plot @KES 8,000,000
  50. Ongata rongai – ¼acre plot 200meters from tarmac, good for flats; price kshs 18million
  51. Kiserian – triangle township – 1/8  acre (0.06ha) commercial plot, 3rd plot from magadi road, good for flats/residence; Price kshs 4.8million
  52. Birika – near birika sceondary school – 24 x 1/8acre plots, good for residence, water & electricity available, 1km from tarmac; price kshs 550, 000/=
  53. Pipeline road – oloirien 6 acres of arale land 4.5 km from tarmac; price kshs 2.2million per acre
  54. Rimpa – near police post- ¼acre plot good for homestead. 4.5 km from rimpa junction 600meters from police post;
    Price kshs 3.5m    illion
  55. Pipeline road – oloirien – 2 acres of land good for subdivision / farming, 6km from tarmac; price kshs 1.2million per acre
  56. Pipeline road – gategi – 1acre piece of prime land, 700meters from tarmac, good for developer; price kshs 11million
  57. Pipeline road – oloirien – 3/8acre plots 2km from tarmac; Price kshs 700,000/= to 1million

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